Frequently Asked Questions

A greeting card company is about keeping in touch but the convenient cards from Lora Verner Designs have more to say than simply Hello.  With strong, lighthearted, whimsical style, these    vintage designs bring an awareness of history into our daily lives with bold graphics and a sense      of humour.  The collectible images are easily framed, preserving both history itself and celebrating   the pleasure of friendship.

Where do you get your images?  

For years we have collected Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco postcards – many now nearly        100 years old.  These authentic heritage images connect with our lives today and remind us that          a sense of humour, a delight in whimsy and most of all, an affection for our four-legged friends transcends historical eras.

Is there a Lora Verner?  

Yes.  Lora started the company over 25 years ago to share some cats that had delighted her, especially the drawings of Louis Wain, a witty artist as famous in his day as Homer Simpson or Charlie Brown are today.  The cards immediately found resonance not only with friends, but with      letter-writers, animal-lovers, shoppers and museum-goers everywhere from London to New York, Tunbridge Wells to Tokyo.

What are the cards like?  What size are they?  What postage do they require?  

Printed on high-quality recycled paper, the environmentally friendly cards are coated outside for a bright image but have a matt inside for easy writing.  Approximately 115mm x 165mm, they qualify for standard postage.  Each card, with its white envelope, comes individually protected    in a cellophane wrapper.  Christmas cards are available singly, but are also packaged 5 together        in one cellophane wrap at a lower rate .


What do your cards say inside?

The Christmas cards say 'Season's Greetings' and all other cards are blank inside.


Why so many images of black cats?  Aren't they bad luck? 

Black cats figure in superstitions around the world, but not every country agrees. In the USA         they are invariably the companions of witches and bad luck may ensue if one crosses your path.      But in Japan, and especially in Britain, black cats bring good luck, which is why they abound in Edwardian greeting cards.


I wanted to re-order a card I once bought from you, but it's not on your web site. Is it still available?  

It may be.  We do not list all our cards online.  If you know the identifying number (AKC, or D          on the back of the card) or can describe it to us, we may be able to find some of the cards for you.       Ask us by email.

Can I stock your cards?

Yes! We supply many shops all over the world.  Please email us for further details -